About Health First Pharmacy

At Health First Pharmacy we address your individual medication needs through custom compounding.

  • We prepare medications to “fit” you, the patient, with the appropriate dosage, strength and form.
  • We flavor medication to your preferred tastes, benefitting you, your children and pets.
  • We offer alternate routes of medications delivery including creams, lollipops, lozenges, chewables, popsicles, topical gels, and combination capsules. We offer unique compounded solutions for your pets including horses, aviary and exotic.
  • We meet the needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal women as well as men (andropause) through the use of plant derived, bio-identical hormones.
  • We offer saliva home test kits for hormone testing.
  • We provide blood spot testing for home testing.
  • We can help you develop a person health plan by scheduling a “one-on-one” consultation with our pharmacist. We will help you determine which supplements address your needs, as well as how and when to take them.
  • We provide nutritional advice and lifestyle counseling.We “pull it all together”: lifestyle, diet, pharmacology, herbal remedies, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins………all this and more from your pharmacist, Mark Burger, Pharm.D.

Address 9070 Windsor Rd., Windsor, CA 95492
Phone 707-837-7948 Fax 707-837-7949