Building A Better Life

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Compound Pharmacy & Life Style Counseling What it is. Why it is important. Why would you go to a compounding pharmacist for it?

What is life style? It is the way we live. It is what we eat, what we drink, how much we eat/drink, how often and in what combination. It is our relationships. It is our careers. It is our family situation. It is our exercise routine or lack of it. It is our level of stress. It is what we think about ourselves. It is how we address (or ignore) our spirit. It is our priorities. It is our self-esteem. It is our philosophy in life. It is how we treat others. It is more than can be said, really.

It is important because no diet, no drug, no relationship, no job, no medication, no spiritual belief exists in a vacuum. Changing any one or even more than one of what we could call life choices can not bring about lasting change if it is not considered in the context of a person’s life style. There is a theory, if I may digress for a moment, that most drugs (especially antibiotics) ultimately fail (bacteria/viruses become resistant) because they have been taken “out of the context” of the biology from which they were derived. Out of the context of the penicillium mold, penicillin, the isolated drug/antibiotic, soon became obsolete (almost every organism is resistant to or will rapidly become resistant to penicillin in the modern age). You will see more and more antibiotic and just plain drug combinations in the near future to try to overcome this handicap. Drug manufacturers, probably without being aware of what they are doing, by trial and error, will be try to mimic nature by creating “contextual” drug combinations. But, in the case of ginger, there are over 500 active ingredients! How can we presume to be able to speak of a drug or, in the present conversation, symptom out of the context a complex plant or individual human?

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