Building A Better Life

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But back to the point of this discussion: We believe that even the magic bullets don’t work well unless you treat the whole person. Treating the whole person means that 1) you have to get to know the patient; 2) the patient is going to cooperate; and 3) the patient is going to act as a partner, a co-conspirator in their healing. Again, a drug analogy: If your immune system is shot, gone, out to lunch, or non-existent all the antibiotics in the world will not save you. When you take an antibiotic, it only gives your immune system a “leg up”. An antibiotic only aids in knocking an organism for a loop for a short time giving your body an ally in the fight. In the end, your body takes out the infection.

This is why we recommend that anyone who has health issues. Anyone who comes to us for hormone replacement, supplements, vitamins, nutritional products or, even, over-the-counter medications they take whatever time it takes to let us know what is going on with them. The clues can be anywhere. Making the time for a full life-style consultation is something you owe to yourself. It is a gift that you give to yourself. It is taking time out to reflect on your life with someone who cares and who can offer a supportive and objective view on things. Listen: We are harder on ourselves than our fellow human beings tend to be. We need to be encouraged and supported as we make the choices (sometimes difficult choices) that we need to make to be healthier. Really: The choice to be healthier is the most wondrous and spiritually rich gifts that we can give to ourselves and to the people who love and support us. Lastly: We all need someone to guide us. It is overwhelming sometimes! Were to start? How much to “bite off” at one time so we don’t fall off the wagon? What would show us immediate results that would positively reinforce us in taking the next and the next change?

As your compounding pharmacist I will use all of my training in nutrition, biochemistry, endocrinology, pathology, pharmacology, physics and (if need be) veterinary medicine as well as my own lifestyle experiences as a man, son, father, husband, patient and spiritual being to come up with a workable plan for your health. But first you must, to quote Lao Tse, “Yield and prevail”. Or Mahatma Gandhi, “Renounce and rejoice”. It takes courage to surrender. Think about it.

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