Your Changing Body

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Much the same can be said of men and declining testosterone levels. Prostate health may be determined by testosterone levels. Your prostate would have been your uterus before you differentiated into a man in the womb of your mother. Why is this relevant? Because the prostate gland has estrogen receptors on it. Estrogen may be one of the factors behind BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy). Adequate testosterone levels may be protective of the prostate. Why is it important now? Why didn’t my daddy need testosterone? Aren’t we trying to defy aging? It is relevant because, as men, we have not been standing up for ourselves in the health arena. We don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis. We won’t admit to ourselves, much less our friends or our physicians, that we have “lost a step”. They diagnose us when we fall over dead or near dead! Then, when they bypass our coronary arteries or float a stent into one or more coronary arteries, 60% of us are clinically depressed. They give us beta-blockers that only deepen the depression (or induce depression on the 40% of us that aren’t depressed).

Only a few of us are diagnosed as depressed and then they give us anti-depressants. What we needed was physiological doses of topical testosterone customized to our needs (based on free testosterone tissue levels and symptom alleviation) that would keep our hearts strong, dilate our coronary arteries, retain our muscle mass, maintain our bone structure, and keep our minds alert and positive. Lastly, remember what we said about estrogen: We are all becoming estrogenified. The whole world is becoming estrogenified.

Plastics contain estrogen-like substances (phthalates). Pesticides, many of them, are estrogen-like molecules. And where did all the supra-physiologic doses of pregnant mare urine-derived conjugated estrogens and birth control pill estrogens that most women have been taking for the last 40 years go? No one really knows, they may have gotten into the water with no way to remove them. The deadly combination for men is a declining testosterone levels and a simultaneous rise in estrogen levels. Believe it or not, approximately 1 man in 6 experiences hot flashes during the andropause. Stress is a factor in the onset of andropause (as well as menopause) and stress is more abundant in the life of the 21st century man (and woman).

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